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Thrive is back after creating a little human

Hi everyone & welcome to 2021 (in case you missed it!)

It's great to be back after, for some, a tumultuous 2020.

For me, 2020 wasn't too shabby - I was able to work from home during my first pregnancy & premature delivery & managed to stay relatively sane during the process

How was 2020 for you? Was it a dumpster fire or the challenge you were looking for? Maybe it forced you to reconsider where you were working or what you were working on

If you haven't done it already (ps where did January go?!?), utilise the basic reflective process of

- what went well?

- what didn't go so well?

- what can you do better next time (i.e. this year)?

This can be a great place to start some journaling or even to simply ponder

Whilst Thrive was thrust into some disarray last year, it's my dream to keep things moving forward this year. I am planning on opening our first 'Intro to Perianaesthesia Nursing' Course & will continue to provide weekly content. I've been a little slow to get started but I will do it.

What are you hoping to achieve this year? Do you have a big goal that you've broken down into smaller junks? Maybe you've been eyeing off a new position or considering upskilling. Just remember that whatever your dream can come true - you just have to plan it out i.e. write it down. Maybe you use Vision Boards or just pop it on a post-it note & stick it on the bathroom mirror - whatever works for you to help remind you of your why.

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