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Welcome to 2020: The Year of the Nurse & Midwife

Now that you’re emerging from the fog of the Christmas & New Year period, it’s time to get thinking about what you will achieve this year (if you haven’t already).

If you hadn’t heard, this is your year – globally, we are celebrating all things nursing & midwifery. There will be many activities that you can add to your social or CPD calendar & maybe if you’re lucky, they will add to both! Have you thought about your learning plan for the year? Booked in any seminars, workshops or conferences? Have you taken note of your mandatory training such as BLS or fire & safety?

Don’t forget to include some fun things in your calendar as well – maybe you can add an interstate trip with your work colleagues to attend that national conference you’ve always wanted to go to or even one of the fabulous CPD cruises or international conferences.


For those of you with some big goals or projects in mind for 2020 that might be overwhelming you at this point, try breaking them down into smaller chunks (remember how you eat an elephant? One piece at a time!)

I love checking in every 90 days to see how I’m going & change anything that might tweaking.

Maybe you like getting creative through vision boards whether digital or physical?

Perhaps you prefer to just fly by the seat of your pants & decide what to do when something pops up? Just remember that AHPRA require us to have a learning plan in place for the year so if you happen to be audited, this strategy may prove challenging.

If you need some help working through your ideas for 2020, use the following link for our 2020 Goal Planner ( or pop me through a message

I’d love to know what some of your goals or projects are for this year – put them out there to the world so we can cheer you on

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